Sunday, February 27, 2011


 "...we were trying to have something poetic, something sad and beautiful. The main message would be that we need joyful moments in life to keep going. Happy and warm souvenirs that give meaning to life and little Theo never had these moments." - Anthony Voisin (official site:

The Little Match Girl
The differences between the Disney version and the original Andersen text are slight but do include a change of geographical location from Denmark to Russia. The storytelling also places a reduced emphasis in the beginning of the film to the Little Match Girl's cruel and overbearing father and the death of her grandmother. These changes aside, Disney's version of The Little Match Girl does capture Andersen's original sentiment.

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
Once upon a time there was a granny who dreamed of being the best granny in the whole world. Unfortunately, this granny was tormented by a lifetime of rage against the world and everyone in it. Luckily, nobody noticed what an angry old woman she had become because they took no notice of her one way or another. (original site:

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