Friday, February 25, 2011


Baking alone in her kitchen, tattered, old Bunny receives a troublesome late-night visitor from the deepest woods -or deeper. A hairy moth, as battered as Bunny, seems to be stalking her. Her attempts to remove it only make the moth more insistent. What is it about this nocturnal pest that stirs her deepest fears and memories? (official site:

Fin d'été
In an abandoned city before a tropical storm, a woman decides to stay… "Through this film, our ambition was to portray a particular ambiance and feeling more than a heavy storyline. Working on the composition of the shots and the color progression through the movie was very important for us."-Joaquim Montserrat (official site:

Lady Ice

An unfortunate encounter sets Lady Ice, the spirit of winter, and Sen, a child protected by his loving parents, on paths that bound to cross again. Join the beautiful and tragic tale of Lady Ice as she sets on an inner journey, only to realize she can never be with the one she loves.(original site:

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