Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Lopez contra el robot de bolsillo
Enrique Gato, 2003

"This is my little tribute to my favorite comic character. Superlópez was created by Juan López Fernández (JAN) more than three decades ago, and I've followed his stories since 1991, when I first had in my hands one of his comics" Enrique Gato (author website:

Chop Chop
 Birdbox Studio, 2012
A dramatic rescue is in progress... (producer site: 
Captain Awesome
The Animation Workshop, 2011

Captain Awesome is about to save the day once again, when an upset stomach threatens to ruin it all. A story of a superhero’s race against time to save his image or humanity before it all goes down the drain! This is a bachelor film project 2011 from The Animation Workshop, made by Ercan Bozdogan, Mikkel Aabenhuus Sørensen, Andreas Husballe, Jonas Mølgaard Jensen, Ninni Munch Pettersson, Lars Kramhøft. (

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Madeline Sharafian, 2013 

A clever dog looks after his depressed owner by helping him prepare an omelette (author blogs, 

Bird Box Studio, 2012 

It's dinner time for this little dog. (producer website

Pub Dog
Bird Box Studio, 2011

Funny adventures of a hungry dog at the pub. The action always starts with a wagging tail!  (producer website

Monday, October 14, 2013


The LEGO® Story

The short depicts the struggles that Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen went through to make LEGO company into a successful venture. The film shows the high ideals of Ole and the creative acumen of Godtfred, and their contribution towards the company and its growth. (producer website:

The story of Adidas

This is the story of Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas and one of the world's most original thinkers. Set entirely in his workshop, this stop frame animation recounts some of his most important inventions and shows us the influence he's had over sport as we know it today(producer website:

Soichiro Honda: "The Power of Dreams"

 "I wanted to express the genius of Honda through an idea that was both simple and sophisticated -- and above all linked to the creativity of children. As a boy, I was often on a bike, and I remember that during my races I'd apply a piece of cardboard between the fork and the rear wheel of my bike. The noise was deafening, and in my imagination that was my motorcycle. I projected my idea onto the mind of Honda, and the idea of the broom and wheels was born." Michele D'Auria (author website:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

About FENCING...

This post is dedicated to Ana Maria Branza (Romanian fencer)!
Good luck Ana at the European Senior Championship, Zagreb, 2013!

"En Garde"

In a flat world, a fencers' spar gets out of hand (Supinfocom graduation short

Esgrima (Bernard animated series)

Bernard is a series of animated shorts centered on the fictional polar bear and main character of the same name. Bernard usually gets knocked unconscious or severely injured at the end of an episode, due to some calamity caused by his bumbling.

Love Sport: Love Fencing

It is a funny animation about a fencing match that rapidly spirals out of control. Featuring Ewoks, lightsabers and an undead army, this animation is completely delightful.(producer web page

Update: Ana took the spade individual golden medal and spade team silver medal!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013



Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. (Official website)

The hero of the story awakes after a long sleep, at the end of the last ice age. His reasoning is not something you should be envious of, but he is capable of starting something big... (IMDB)

Si Vis Bellum
On a bicolor planet, small nasty red creatures are getting ready to confront tall strong blue ones. But a divine appearance intercedes...

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Singing Christmas Hedgehogs
Here are three cute little holiday hedgehogs that want to sing for you. Start the video and pick your hedgehog, then pick what they will be doing, then see what happens.

Donkey's Caroling Christmas-Tacular
Donkey suggests everyone sing Christmas carols. Donkey sings "It's the Most Wonderful Time". Shrek, Fiona, the Ogre children, and the army of ogres sing an ogre version of "Jingle Bells". Puss in Boots sings his version of "Feliz Navidad", then everyone sings "Jingle Bell Rock" (but they title it "Fairy Tale Rock").

Holy Christmas Greynautz
Three aliens sing Holy Christmas. (author website:

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lightheaded is a journey we take with temperature sensitive candle creatures who sacrifice what they know to become who they are. (official Facebook page:

The Kinematograph
Francis is an inventor. His invention is supposed to change the world. He forgot about one thing: dreams always cost too much. He is focused only on himself and his work and realizes the gravity of the situation only when it is too late. (official website:

Deep Legend
The purpose of creating the animated short film is to entertain and bring a message to the audience: "What do you think is the most important thing in your life? We should not be only focusing on our own, but also consider and care more about our family and friends."

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