Tuesday, July 24, 2012


On the Water
The short  reflects upon the cycle of life. With its movements and whims, the sea is like a metaphor for each human being's route in a poetic and moving way. (official website: http://www.onthewaterthemovie.com/)

Little Boat
The little boat is dropped in water and sent on a journey which causes the boat to become worn and broken. The boat then returns home along the same route and is fixed by the people that previously used it.

"I just really wanted to create a feel good story that I could share with people that might have some emotional value. And I wanted to show how in people's roughest times if you don't focus on the negative God can show you, and use people to show you, an overwhelming hope and faith." Lindsey Olivares (author site: http://www.lindseyolivares.blogspot.com/)

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