Monday, June 18, 2012


Amy is a little girl who can’t accept her grandfather’s passing away. Her grandfather always taught her, 'Life is like dandelions. They won't disappear. They are just going to a new place to start a new life...' These words are embedded in her heart, but she never notices that. However, while she keeps feeling sad of her grandfather's death, these sentences give her infinite courage to release her mind. (author website:

Tir Nan Og
The spotlight here is firmly planted on some stunning animated work in this fantastical story featuring a man in a bird mask. What it represents might be anything under the sun, but the storytelling here is as ethereal as it is astounding. (author website:

Uncle Bob's Hospital Visit
As his hospital stay lengthens, Uncle Bob's spirits and health decline, and his old life becomes a distant memory. It isn't until one very special visitor reminds Uncle Bob just how much he is loved and needed that he finds a reason to get well.

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