Monday, January 16, 2012

About CATS...

 Cat Piano
In a city of singing cats, a lonely beat poet falls for a beautiful siren. When a mysterious dark figure emerges, kidnapping the town’s singers for his twisted musical plans, the poet must save his muse and put an end to the nefarious tune that threatens to destroy the city. (official site:

During ancient Egypt period, cats are looking for milk…

The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside
"(The animation) based on an illustration I did for the Danish proverb "Don’t judge a dog by its fur". The idea for the film developed from playing with the theme of cats and dogs. The difference between these two animals came to represent inner conflict, and the story is about learning to live with it. The visual style is inspired by Cubism and how that style can illustrate many facets of the same thing at once." Siri Melchior

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